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My Dealer is a Public Radio Music Show

So I have a problem, and that problem is how much money I spend on music. Now I know what you're thinking "Why would you possibly buy music when it's all free(ish) to stream on the internet?" and my answer is, "shut up". Actually the reason is twofold. 1. By buying music I'm helping to support the artists that make it in a way that is not only more profitable for the artist than if I had just listened to them a bunch of times on a streaming surface, but also shows a more tacit approval of their work than if I had just streamed it. 2. If I buy music and then don't listen to it a bunch of times I feel guilty that I spent money on something I didn't use, so it helps me to be more curatorial in my music listening and also to become more familiar with my library which then in turn allows me to make recommendations to all of you via this blog, so YOU'RE WELCOME.

New Sounds from WNYC

This recommendation is a little different than my normal ones. I discovered this show during late nights driving around NJ in high school. At first when 11pm rolled around on a weekday I used to switch off WNYC and opt for my own music collection instead of (what I thought at the time) the strange assortment of atonal classical and world music that would occupy that hour, but slowly I started to keep my car tuned to 93.9 later and later into the hour until the point where I would look forward to hearing John Schaefer's voice introduce some new hour of music vastly different than what I would hear in my own indie rock circles. New Sounds is like the dealer that enables my addiction to new music, and probably half of the albums I've bought in the last 5 years are a result of listening to this show. New Sounds has been running since the mid 80s and honestly feels like one of the last vestiges of DJ oriented radio left (not that this show would have ever fit anywhere on the FM dial besides on frequencies occupied by public radio). Along with the show New Sounds presents live concerts and is an integral part of the NYC new music scene. Below are a few recent episodes to get your feet wet. Some of this music may sound strange at first, but if you're not looking to break away from the same things you always listen to then why are you reading this blog anyway?