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So every idea I had for a through line for this post seemed like something I've already written or just terribly forced. Honestly I'm far too busy to be writing this blog post, but I couldn't not say something about the new Joanna Newsom Album. So here it is, sorry this intro was underwhelming.

Strangers - Love Hurts

Lea Thau understands people in a way that is deeply personal. Her mission to make everyone "strangers no more" is wildly successful. When she started the moth podcast (back in the early days of podcasting in 2008) she gave a stage for everyday people to share their stories with the world. When she started her Love Hurts series it was a leap of faith that ended up becoming one of the best pieces of radio to come out of the podcasting revolution. Her search for love and examination of loss is an inspiration, showing that even though we may be strangers we all have the same struggles.

Link to Strangers



Joanna Newsom - Divers

When a friend turned me on to Joanna Newsom 3 years ago I was immediately hooked. Her voice, her lyrics, the fact that she plays harp all make for an incredibly unique and immersive listening experience. This new album Divers is long overdue, but worth every minute of the wait. I would go into more depth, but I'd probably just embarrass myself, so instead here's Ann Powers' (all hail the queen of rock criticism) review.


Link to Joanna Newsom - Divers

ps I couldn't find a stream of this album anywhere so you're just going to have to buy it, or find me in person so I can play it for you. Either way it's totally worth it I promise.