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Have you missed me? I've been away for a while? You haven't, well I sort of expected that there's like three people reading this. Anyway I've been busy, and I feel bad, and I promise I'll do better next year . . . maybe. This post is a little different, but who cares, formats are for squares.

Best Podcasts of 2015 - The Timbre via Atlantic

The Timbre is a really great podcast blog all of you should be reading. I mean you're reading this poor attempt at a podcast blog and they actually do their job every week so really you should just stop reading this and read them because that's what I did for the last month or so. They're so great the Atlantic (yes the magazine not the ocean) hired them to write a best podcasts of 2015 list. I don't agree with it 100% (Here Be Monsters put out some amazing work this year), but since I'm deflecting from doing my own best of list by posting someone else's I guess I don't really get to complain.

The Atlantic - 50 Best Podcast Episodes of 2015


Beauty Pill - Describes Things As They Are

I could have posted any of the many best albums of 2015 lists here (NPR has a great one) or I could actually recommend an album like I'm supposed to. Beauty Pill has been on my radar for a while and for some reason I haven't given them a chance. Roman Mars loves them, NPR Music loves them, I'm just late to the game as usual. This album is deep, really deep. You'll hear sounds on the fourth listen that you didn't know existed on the first. This is an album that takes some time to unpack, but once you do it's worth every second. This album makes a lot of references (listen for the books sample) but is fully unique. If you want to jump in and start listening through one of those best of lists, this is a good place to start because it's definitely on mine.