Currently Unnamed Audio Blog

Currently Unnamed Audio Blog

I've have a lot of people tell me I should do this. Probably because my default reaction to hearing something new that I like is to grab the nearest person to me, shove a pair of headphones in their face, and say "LISTENNNNNNNNN" (if that sounds like an exaggeration you should talk to some of my former roommates). 

Anyway this space is going to be where I post about all the audio I listen to and don't feel like jealously keeping to myself. I won't post reviews that go beyond a sentence or two of why I think you should listen, there are plenty of smarter people on the internet doing reviews. My goal is just to help spread music and audio I find interesting.

My first two recommendations are below


Reply All - Today's The Day

This might be the best piece of radio that PJ and Alex have ever put out, and it's the least technology based episode they've done. As someone who tends to spend entire Sundays inside of their apartment I feel like this episode captures all the adventures I should probably be having.

Link to Reply All

Eskimeaux - O.K.

I just discovered this album even though it's been out for a few months now. She played a tiny desk concert that blew me away and the album is even better. I don't usually pay much attention to lyrics (I'm weird like that), but the lyrics on this album are far to beautiful to ignore.