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Missed the Train

There are a lot of things I missed the train on. Many classic movies, Instagram, an album I'm probably never going to tell you about because pitchfork gave it a great rating in 2001 and I just discovered it last week. I shouldn't feel embarrassed when things like this happen, but I do. I'm sure this happens to other people. I realize this might make me a hipster. I don't really care and neither does my handlebar moustache .

Benjamin Walker's Theory of Everything - 1984 (the year not the book)

To say that TOE is one of the most under appreciated podcasts producing the best work is probably an understatement. Benjamin Walker's show is one I'm convinced no one else listens to, and I don't know how that could possibly be the case. After listening to an episode of TOE there is always at least one part of how I view the world that becomes rocky at best and this episode knocked me on my ass. I have to confess that I didn't get this one the first time I listened, but when the expanded version came out I was all ears. 12 year old Benjamin Walker is introspective in ways that many people I know will never be, and voices it in writing in ways that I can only hope to match one day. Listen to it all, you won't be disappointed.

Link to Benjamin Walker's Theory of Everything


Son Lux - Bones

I didn't listen to Son Lux before this summer. I had heard some tracks off Lanterns, but I wasn't hooked. I found this album by way of its guitarist, Rafiq Bhatia. I was looking to see if he was playing any shows near me and instead found him on Bones the week it came out. I don't know what genre this is, I don't want to know what genre this is*, I just want to keep listening to it and giving up my conception of what I thought worked in music.

*(though someone will post electronic on this ((if anyone ever reads it)) and I'll get angry, write a 3 paragraph response proving them wrong and lazy, and then delete it right before hitting send)