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A Love Letter to Roman Mars

If you can't tell I really like podcasts, and the one below is the latest from one of my favorites. I found Roman Mars through Radiolab, way back when 99pi was in it's first season and was immediately hooked. It's about the curiosity in all of us, the drive to find a story behind even the most mundane parts of our modern world, and let's face it, everything has a story, and Roman Mars is here to find it for us.

99 Percent Invisible - A Sweet Surprise Awaits You

I'm pretty sure that 90% of interesting things I say come from public radio, and another 75% of that comes from Roman Mars' beautiful brainchild 99 Percent Invisible. 99pi is one of the shows that can jump seamlessly from discussing lottery winners, to the origin of the fortune cookie, to Japanese internment camps, melding the interesting and the serious, the funny and the emotional. Roman Mars and co consistently create stories you can't put down, stories that leave you smarter and more aware of the world around you at the end of every episode.

Link to 99pi


Balun - Memoria Textil

I was tempted to put something from Hel Audio, or Melodium, or Lullatone here, but that seemed like the easy way out. Instead I'm pairing 99pi with this album since everyone needs more puerto rican 8-bit dream pop in their lives. Angelica Negron is a master of the fun and interesting, taking toys and making really exciting music for everyone to listen to. Her music takes everything you would hear in the back of a 99pi episode and turns it up to 11 in the best way possible.