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How To Shout at The Abyss and Get an Answer

We all fear the future and the unknown. We devote huge amounts of time to planning our future, hoping to have some control over what's in store for us, but sometimes you just have to let life play itself out. Sometimes you need to have an adventure to find the parts of yourself that get hidden by every day life. 

Here Be Monsters - How I Learned to Love Rejection parts 1 and 2

Jeff Emtman is that kid who ran the radio station in your high school. The one who seemed to live a life of his own outside of the bustle of everyday life, somehow avoiding all of the drama that engulfed the rest of our adolescent lives. He faces his fears in the way most of us face breakfast, like it's an urge you can't refuse, but don't ever try to justify. His work is unapologetically introspective, revealing things most of us aren't comfortable telling anyone except our closest companions. To hitchhike across the country to discover yourself is the kind of thing you would expect to hear someone say they'll do during one of those late nights under the stars, drinking and telling your deepest secrets to whoever is within earshot, only to be forgotten with the sunrise, except Jeff didn't forget, he did it, and shared every moment with us.

Link to Here Be Monsters


Andrew Bird - Echolocations

There's a truth in this album that I haven't heard in Andrew Bird's music in a long time. The truth that when your music has something to say, it's probably more powerful without words. So much music now feels sterile and produced, but this album is the literal embodiment of Thoreau's Yawp. A shout to the canyon expecting nothing but your own echo and the response of the wild. This album has a sense of discovery, of going to a place and finding what story the world has in store for you.