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Staring Into The Past And Seeing Your Reflection

The past is a strange thing. Holding a fossil can feel no different than picking up a rock, but the stories that fossil wrote while it was part of a living breathing body can shout at us from the depths of time. Crossing a chasm too large to comprehend and resonating all around us. We hope we can do the same for whatever future humanity has, however bleak that future may look. Though I guess our ancestors felt the same way about us.

Love + Radio - Greetings from Coney Island

Nick van der Kolk and Brendan Baker have a knack for telling stories in a way that find your deepest most innermost depths and just twisting them ever so slightly. An episode of Love + Radio comes at you very slowly and then all at once, slowly dragging you into someone's life so that you feel every moment as they do. If the past lives on in the stories we tell each other then Love + Radio is like your first film in technicolor, with depth and layers you never knew existed in the medium. Add that to Sruthi Pinnamaneni's total inability to report a boring story and Nate DiMeo's voice as the literal embodiment of the past and it's hard not to love this episode.  

Link to Love + Radio


Sam Amidon - Lily-O

Sam Amidon plays folk music, but not your father's folk music. There's no Dylan-esque calls to action, or Simon and Garfunkel inspired vocal harmonies. This is the music your great great grandparents listened to, the songs they heard sitting around a fire after a long day on the farm pulled forward into the present, an echo of what was resonating into what is. Backed up by Bill Frisell and Shahzad Ismaily this album is well worth the listen.