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Stop Your Ipod From Being Sexist, It's Really Unflattering

You'd think we'd have gotten over this whole gender thing by now, but sadly that's not the case. As of this post the Itunes top 10 music albums have one female artist (Taylor Swift) and the top 10 podcasts have one female hosted show (Serial - Sarah Koenig). That can't be right, there's too much good work out there for that to be right. A friend of mine has spent the last year only reading books not written by white men, and while that's left her with no shortage of good literature (Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel is one of the best things I've read this year btw) to think that you'd need to set a limitation like that just to make sure you're exposed to a broad range of creators upsets me every time I think about it. 

The Heart (formerly Audio Smut) - Movies In Your Head

I'm sorry it took me this long to post a women hosted podcast. I'm sorry that some of you won't like if for being both NSFW and unapologetically feminist. If that's the case you're missing out. Kaitlin Prest and Mitra Kaboli (and the rest of The Heart team) are making some of the most inventive and inspiring radio work, telling stories that are at the same time deeply personal and entirely universal. Listen to this with headphones on, lights off, and a glass of wine. You won't be disappointed

Link to The Heart


Gabi - Sympathy

Gabi isn't real, she can't be. She's probably some computer algorithm that was about to take over the world, but instead used the singularity to make music. That's the only logical explanation for an album that twists and morphs the human voice so perfectly that I forget that it came from just one person's vocal cords. But alas, Gabrielle Herbst isn't a super robot ready to relieve us all from the grind of every day humanity, but a human composer who has an ear for the hauntingly unexpected.