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The Whispering Past in the Roaring Present

I've forgotten more things than I care to remember. I'm sure we all have, but some memories stick with us for far longer than we'd like them to. An embarrassing family get together, a joke gone wrong that ended a friendship, a first kiss. We all want these memories to stop haunting us, but they never will, not until we address them head on and take the message they try to send us to heart. That we can be better than our past selves, and we can move forward to a new, slightly less embarrassing future.

The Memory Palace - Six Scenes in the Life of William J. Sidis, Wonderful Boy

Nate DiMeo remembers the stories that history forgot. The stories that history book editors decided are less important than wars and conquests and arcane bits of political theatre. The memory palace is full of all night dance marathons and the shenanigans of PT Barnum, of ferris wheels and boy geniuses. It holds stories of injustice and loss, of hard won battles and happenstance fortunes. In the memory palace we learn that people are as they always were, no matter how the world around us changes.

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Sharon Van Etten - Tramp

I chased this album for a while. I first heard Sharon Van Etten's music as a solo acoustic recording, and fell in love with the power of her songwriting and the strength of her voice. Her songs find a way to grab on and remind you at your darkest moments that you're not alone. This album whispers and screams, it curls up in the sheets and then opens up to let you in. You can follow it to it's deepest depths and come out ok, possibly better than you were before.