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Slogging Through Mundanity

Day to day, life is pretty boring. Our goals (or at least my goals) generally revolve around making it to tomorrow without breaking down today, but there are some people who manage to find the music in the monotonous, to take every day life and look at it from an angle that none of the rest of us seem to be able to catch. I envy those people, but I'll never stop following them, because maybe, just maybe I'll learn to see things their way one day too.

Re:Sound - The Anchor Dreams Show

Re:Sound is a show from the Third Coast Audio Festival (they're like the Sundance of radio, don't think too hard about it) that tags itself as showcasing radio you can't hear anywhere else unless you live everywhere else, and they do just that. The radio pieces they curate come from all over the world and are some of the best pieces of documentary radio out there. This episode is particularly fantastic, following the story of a man with Asperger's who's dream is to become a national news anchor, and he's succeeding. 

Link to Re:Sound


Gabriel Kahane - The Fiction Issue

There's a style of hand drafting called start strong end strong, and Gabriel Kahane starts strong and ends stronger which makes for a terrible drafter, but a fantastic composer. I've been disappointed by many a new release from some of my favorite artists, but somehow Kahane manages to release album after album I can't stop listening to. This one is no exception featuring the string quartet Brooklyn Rider and the singer (and composer in her own right) Shara Worden. In The Fiction Issue Kahane asks "what's a day without a donut?" though I think the real question is what's a day without knowing music this good is out there.