Currently Unnamed Audio Blog


The beginning of this new year has been rough. In many ways if feels like the silence of the subway ride I took the morning after the election is still hanging over me, that there's a yawp waiting to be sounded over the roofs of the world, and yet I can't find the stairs to get there.

I took a break from listening for a while. Not the kind of break where I stick earplugs in and ignore, but the kind of break where I avoided the meaningful the and new, the kind of listening that helps to excite and discover, to open up pathways that were otherwise blocked, and then I heard this. Bing and Ruth have been on my radar for a while, but this new album feels different. No Home of the Mind is 59 minutes and 17 seconds of exhale. It is a wordless wave of emotion, a steady stream of "I know how you feel, and I know how hard that is to express". I don't know that this fits in to the shouting culture of our facebook society, but I hope you'll take the time to put on a pair of headphones, turn off all but your moodiest light, and let this album wash over you.

The blog is back...for now. We all need to listen better, and I'd like to help facilitate that conversation. Happy Listening.