Real Anxious Humans

Real Anxious Humans is an Audio project for the post Trump Election age. 

The goal is to collect the anxieties, concerns, hopes, and goals of everyone affected by both the election and the changing world we live in and collect them in a form more permanent than social media.

Eventually this will turn into an audio project of some sort, either a podcast or a long form piece, but first we need to hear from we the people. This project isn't looking to cultivate a specific point of view or a specific experience, but to hear the voices and stories of anyone who is looking for an outlet to share them. Please submit whatever is on your mind, whether you're concerned about our new government, or want to share an interaction you had with a stranger. We'll take your stories, songs, rants, raves, poems, and prose. This project is about your voices.


Written and audio responses will be accepted. If you submit an audio response it doesn't need to be high quality, you can record a voice memo on your phone and submit it, or use whatever technology is available to you. If you would like to be interviewed that can be arranged as well. Watch our twitter below for updates or email us at if you have any questions.